Your current MDM Single Customer View will FAIL GDPR – Find out if your risk is thousands or millions of customer records?

Right to Erasure
Risk Audit

Finally you can measure your False-Negative match error risks with clear Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) KPI metrics – Then DataDelta can help reconfigure your current customer record fuzzy matching to improve  GDPR compliance (and show due-diligence to the ICO)

  • 2-Day CRM vs MDM Match Conflict Audit (no PII required)
  • 1-Week GDPR Fast Audit (no PII required)
  • 4-Week GDPR Deep Audit (analyzes copy of PII protected at your datacenter)

Patent-Pending Big Data Graph DB Technology analyzes your entire customer hub +4 Billion recs

Globally provided as a pure consulting service – your team saves time & expense not having to purchase & learn DataDelta tools (our consultants use on your behalf)

Compatible with fuzzy record match engine tools from *all* CRM, MDM, MCIF, CDP, and Data Quality vendors – including custom, home-grown match engines developed in-house


GDPR Right to Erasure Risk Audit

Current CRM & MDM Single Customer View Hubs fail GDPR due to strict fuzzy match requirements. Is your risk thousands or millions of False-Negative errors? Get fast, reliable risk metrics to prioritize resources


Match Conflict Audit: CRM vs MDM vs MCIF

What CRM fuzzy matches are missed by your MDM, and vise versa? Which is better for GDPR? Uncover exact match differences for your *entire* Single Customer View Hubs in just 2-days (no PII required)


Match Accuracy Audit

DataDelta tools find fuzzy match errors missed by other vendors because we analyze *entire* hubs, not just tiny samples, to identify problem trends & determine impact analysis. VIP customers have most complex data & highest risk of match errors


Match Engine Configuration Fine-Tuning​

Improve your *current* match engine accuracy. Compare before/after fuzzy match algorithm change results for *entire* hubs to confirm old problems fixed & catch surprising new problem side effects. Impact analysis of onboarding new data silos to avoid skewing match behavior also available


Match Vendor Migration​ & Consolidation

Enhance business user confidence to safely migrate or consolidate onto a new match engine by comparing old vs new match results of your *entire* hub (not tiny samples) to ensure no ugly surprises. Optionally reverse-engineer old match configuration to make new match engine generate same results


Custom Home-Grown to COTS Match Engine Migration

Safely replace your old, custom developed match engine with a maintainable Commercial Off The Shelf match tool from *any* vendor - while avoiding disruptive match changes. DataDelta's technology can reverse engineer your old match engine to help configure your new tool to generate near identical matches by comparing old Vs new results for the *entire* hub

14-year Leader in Match Accuracy Analytics and 2009 Gartner "MDM Cool Vendor"

50% of the Fortune 8 have engaged DataDelta, including many Fortune 1000

Meet the team

Ed Allburn, Pres & CEO


Ed has over 30 years deep domain expertise with customer data ranging from leading Customer Data Integration R&D for 1:1 Database Marketing in the ‘80s through MDM and Governance, Risk & Compliance such as GDPR today. An experienced Expert Witness for DLA Piper and international speaker, in addition to technical roles such as at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center he also served in strategic Product Management roles at multiple leading Data Quality vendors before founding DataDelta in 2004

Karen Caloia, VP Bus Dev


Karen has over 20 years experience working with clients at both the technical and strategic business levels of Data Quality, Database Marketing and MDM for companies such as Group 1 Software, Experian, and Pitney Bowes.  She has implemented multiple successful data integration solutions including real time and international data solutions for various industries including retail, finance and manufacturing with unique knowledge of custom data modeling and it’s statistical use and analysis (FICO, Unica, Dun & Bradstreet)

Aaron Zornes, Board of Advisors

Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute

Aaron is Conference chairman for the largest conference on MDM, CDI, and data governance – The MDM SUMMIT held in annually New York City, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, & Madrid. He is the most quoted industry analyst on the topic of master data management (MDM), customer data integration (CDI), & data governance while providing editorial direction & monthly contribution to DM Review’s CDI & MDM Newsletters as well as being the monthly columnist for both CDI & MDM.